Active Gaming Media Inc. operates the indie game platform Playsim, home to games carefully chosen for their originality and appeal. Active Gaming Media and Playism have partnered up with publisher Kadokawa Games and Kikiyama (Original Creator of Yume Nikki) and are proud to announce the release of YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY-, a full reimagining of the original―reconstructed and enhanced using elements and styles of modern indie games, featuring a collaboration with Ao Oni.

Yume Nikki has been hailed as one of the greatest (and most controversial) games ever created with RPG Maker. The new Yumenikki -Dream Diary- is not a remake, but a full reimagining of the original―reconstructed and enhanced using elements and styles of modern indie games.

“Yumenikki -Dream Diary- Now, wake up...” is the release trailer, showing the first glimpse of the main character, Madotsuki, wandering around the “dream” in which the game is set. Additionally, this trailer contains the theme song by Aquila. Do check it out below.

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The main character, Madotsuki, is able to venture to the world of dreams by sleeping in her bed. Then, by opening the doors that appear in front of her, she becomes able to explore various dream worlds.

Featuring a collaboration with Ao Oni!
We are proud to bring you an amazing collaboration between Yumenikki -Dream Diary and Ao Oni―another beloved RPG Maker masterpiece with a cult following to match Yume Nikki.

Experience the terror of Ao Oni in the world of Yumenikki -Dream Diary-.

Introducing Super NASU
Recreated from the popular game-in-game NASU from the original Yume Nikki!

Shoot down the objects appearing on screen to score points! Get the eggplant (“nasu”) to power up! Take a break from wandering through “dreams” with Super NASU.

Bonus Perks
All players purchasing Yumenikki –Dream Diary- between Feb. 23, 2018 and Mar. 31, 2018 will receive three types of Yumenikki –Dream Diary- wallpapers for PC for free.

Yume Nikki is being welcomed on the gaming scene as one of the principal driving forces in the games world created with RPG Maker and is set to entertain fans in their droves.

This diverging follow-up combines influences from the original game and other recent indie juggernauts to create something wholly unique which we are sure you will enjoy for years to come.

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