Game developer and publisher KingsGroup today revealed new gameplay details and images from their new mobile survival strategy game, Dino War. The images feature several of the many types of legendary beasts players can expect to encounter as they struggle to save humanity, including the triceratops, stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus, mammoths, and even King Kong. The game is currently in Closed Beta Test.

Dino War is a unique survival strategy game in which players tame and cultivate an army of beasts to defend (and dominate) a post-apocalyptic Earth. To win the war, players must collect and nurture beasts in the Beast Compound, assembling and attaching plugins to make their beasts more powerful. When beasts are strong enough, they can help to fight enemies and defend your home against evil. As players begin the game and unlock the Beast Compound function, they meet their first dinosaur-the pterosaur. As they continue to play, they will unlock additional beasts, each with different skillsets that can be upgraded through assembling plugins.

Skills are divided into two categories: combat and non-combat. Combat skills provide players' troops with significant support during fights, while non-combat skills include research and talent benefits. When a beast's skills reach a certain level, they can team up with the player's troops or help to defend the base. Players must leverage strategy to control the behemoths and enhance their skills.

To experience Dino War in closed beta, download the game at

About Dino War
The strategic survival game Dino War features groundbreaking 3D animation and a wide variety of vividly rendered creatures for players to tame and train. As a realistic strategy game, Dino War is not just about humans fighting back against the forces of evil; players need to be conscious of overall management and in-game development to gain enough resources and successfully build their armed forces. Additionally, players can ally with other humans to achieve greater victories and take back their homeland piece by piece.