PQube is fired up to announce that Street Heat, the neon-noir top-down arcade racing game from Astalo Games, is OUT NOW on Steam Early Access!

Additionally, Street Heat drifts on to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018!

Watch the radical Street Heat launch trailer here:

An action-packed top-down multiplayer arcade racer, Street Heat is all about getting you into the action with the quickness. Jump in and play local or online races with up to four players in first-past-the-post, multi-race grand prix action, as you put the pedal to the metal, dodge hazards on the track and go flying over death-defying jumps in a madcap race for the finish – all accompanied by a pumping '80s synth soundtrack.

Are you too hot to handle on the tracks or will you get burned like a chump? Find out in Street Heat now!

Street Heat is OUT NOW on Steam Early Access!