Do you sometimes dream what it would be like if all your wishes came true? Be careful what you wish for because some of them just might. Like the latest delicious RUINER SAVAGE UPDATE that brings you more than you can handle. To those of you weirdos who can’t have enough of the misery and violence of Rengkok South: with the New Game+ you can stay there forever. Grab a sit, squat a block and earn your precious Karma!

If you think there’s nothing left for you to discover - you’re damn wrong! There are 9 cool new weapons coming in. Focus, fight and be entertained with the new, spectacular Ruiner Kill finishers!

Still not enough? OK, Speedrun Mode is only the first of RUINER challenges. No prologue, no dialogues, no cutscenes, no wandering about. Just pure action and the timer that won’t let you rest. Look for the new guy in town, he’ll tell you more. Or enter Game Modes in the main menu.

And the Leaderboards? Yes, you’ll be able to track your score and brag about how awesome you are. Or keep quiet about how much tough killing is still ahead of you.

We’ve also joined forces with Rengkok’s acclaimed fashion designers who created the slickest and sickest 7 New RUINER Outfits! Some come free but for the really cool ones you gotta pay. With blood.

And while you’re at it, keep your ears open for the two additional songs by Sidewalks and Skeletons that will make you even sadder and angrier. How fun is that!

Included in the Savage update:

New game modes
New weapons
New outfits
Brutal finishers™
Firearm rebalance
Difficulty tuning
Two additional songs

In the meanwhile, check out our glowing review of Ruiner and pick up a copy right now!