Hey guys, we've got some awesome news for you! We've finally got the first glimpse at the upcoming DLC for Resident Evil 7. Not a Hero follows Chris Redfield just after the events of the main campaign, where he's tracking down the sinister son of the Baker family Lucas. Chris ventures through a system of caves fighting all the Molded as they come in full force, relentless and in the many. Chris is armed to the teeth with his trusty machine gun, grenades and his own two fists.

Not a Hero was meant for a release early this year in Spring, but after Capcom saw the project had failed their expectations, they took some extra time to refine and rebuild the game to a higher standard. Not a Hero will still be free to download and will be released on December 12th along with the final segment of the Season Pass, titled Zoe's End.

Check out the trailer and see what to expect from Chris' mini adventure. More intensity and action from the great man himself. Stay tuned for more Resident Evil 7 updates right here on Game-News.