Few other fictional characters can boast the same longevity and timeless appeal as James Bond. The debonair secret agent is truly the first of his kind, inspiring countless spy thrillers and effectively creating a film genre all its own.

The ingrained all-action content (and penchant for gadgets) also makes the 007 universe a prime candidate to crossover into the world of gaming and, throughout the years, there have been countless adaptations across almost all major platforms – PC, PlayStation, N64, GameBoy; you name it.

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In the meantime, why not sit back, grab yourself a martini and let us run you through the best James Bond games of all-time.

007: Nightfire (PS2)

Anybody who’s even slightly familiar with the James Bond gaming series will know that quality multiplayer action is (or at least was) a staple of the gameplay. 007: Nightfire is a classic example, and allows players to traverse a range of engaging maps while picking up specialised laser guns and flying toy helicopters into each other. What could be more fun?
Even in single-player mode, the storyline is an interesting one and centres on Bond’s pursuit to bring down Drake – nope, not that one – and stop his megalomaniacal quest to build a huge nuclear weapon and hold the world to ransom.

Quantum of Solace (All major platforms)

Following EA’s notable failure to release a game around Casino Royale back in 2006, the James Bond gaming franchise returned with 2008’s Quantum of Solace, an amalgam of the two films, this time produced by Activision.
Keen to make their own imprint on the series, Activision combined the usual first-person action with an interesting third-person cover combat system, a first for the series. They also chose to intersperse snippets from the two films, which definitely adds to the cinematic appeal and lets gamers get a better sense that they are inhabiting Daniel Craig’s lead role.

GoldenEye (N64)

For members of a certain generation, there are few better multiplayer games (ever) than the original 1997 version of GoldenEye. The name alone is enough to transport you back to those unforgettable moments, grappling with an unwieldy N64 controller in a desperate attempt to find and kill your friends within a tiny split screen arena.

It’s funny to think that, on its release, Nintendo had quite low expectations for the game and were pleasantly surprised when it sold over 8 million units worldwide, becoming their third-most successful title ever released. There’s actually recent news circulating about a feature-length documentary on the making of the game itself, which sounds very promising.

An eye to the future

Right now, following Activision’s decision to forgo their license in 2013, the James Bond game franchise is on hiatus. It seems to be a case of striking the right deal with the right developer, and there’s probably no pressing need to do so until the next film. However, given the success of previous games, it's likely that we'll get to jump back into the virtual world of 007 once again in the near future.