Mobile games publisher Funcell123 announced a major update to the highly-rated mobile MMO game Immortal Conquest: Europe that allows alliances in the game to form Legions. The deeply strategic, terrain-based war game was featured last month as a best new game on Google Play in all European countries and currently carries an average 4.8 rating. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The Legion feature becomes available when Center City is occupied by an alliance, and allows more than a single army to stay in the city and be commanded by a general who may lead the legion into battle. Generals are appointed by the alliance chief, who then builds a General's Office. Alliance members can send their armies into Center City where the general may set up the conditions for Gairo stamina, Gairo level and the number of troops in the Legion. An assembled army has a 300% speed of normal movement, can be recalled within three minutes and order will be returned simultaneously, giving the alliance enormous power in battle.

"The new Legion feature allows alliances to allocate resources in a smarter way," said Tony, director of the marketing team from Funcell123. "However, becoming general requires outstanding military talent on the part of the player to decide the Camp positions and deploy these powerful forces effectively."

Center City can accommodate only one general at a time, and the position will be dismissed automatically if the general leaves the alliance, roves or if the city is occupied by opposing forces. The general may select from standby armies to form a Legion, but there is a maximum of five armies. The three positions in the Legion are Front Camp, Center Camp and Rear Camp, which determine the order and time of attack.