Today we bring you information about the different jobs you can choose and level up in our upcoming strategy RPG, GOD WARS Future Past.

In GOD WARS Future Past, each character can have 3 jobs:

Main Job
Determines equippable items, stat growth and distribution, and allows you to learn and use skills related to that job using Job Points.

Sub Job
Allows you to learn and use skills related to that job using Job Points.
Unique Job (Unable to Change)
Each character's Unique Job grants them access to their own personal sets of upgradable skills.

In this scenario, Kuma's Main Job is a Warrior, Sub Job is a Priest, all while maintaining his own Unique Job, aptly named Kuma.

Main and Sub Jobs are split into three different categories:
Physical Combat
Recovery Support
Offensive Spellcasting
As you battle enemies and clear stages, both your Job Points and Job Level will increase.

Job Points
Allows you to purchase new skills specific to your Job.
Job Level
Increasing your Job Level makes your Job more powerful and unlocks more jobs on the job tree. You must meet a specific level requirement to unlock Intermediate and Advanced jobs.

Choose your character's Main and Sub Jobs, level them up, and unlock a wide variety of stronger intermediate and advanced jobs, like the Samurai or Spiritualist.

The Samurai are an upgraded version of the Warrior and are best if used in close-range combat. If you prefer long-range combat, consider leveling up your Warrior to an Archer instead.

The Spiritualist, on the other hand, is upgraded from the Magician and can unleash incredibly powerful attacks, but they tend to use a large amount of MP.

For more details, visit our official website where you can learn everything there is to know about the game's systems, jobs, and more.

Explore the untold history of Japan with GOD WARS Future Past, releasing on June 20 in North America and June 16 in Europe for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita.