Club Penguin has been in our lives since 2005, but it has now been wiped off. On the 30th of January 2017, it was announced that this game will be stopped on the 29th of March… and indeed all the servers have been cut off on the 30th of March. This game consisted mainly of penguins which suited animal-lovers.

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Club Penguin was a massive multiplayer online game (MMO), which involved a simulated world which consisted of online activities and games. The creator of the game was New Horizon Interactive. The game’s plot used cartoon penguin characters which was set in a winter virtual atmosphere. Released in October 2005, the game quickly expanded to an online community which had more than 30 million users accounts by 2007. This figure climbed to 200 million accounts in 2013. The site was initially available free, but paid memberships enabled players to access a range of extra features, such as the capacity to buy furniture, clothes and pets for their avatars. Due to the success of the game, it was bought by The Walt Disney Company in late 2007. Basically, the game was developed for kids aged 6 to 14, but users of above that age could access the site as it was suitable for all kinds of users.

The game was divided into different rooms and specific areas. Every player received an igloo as home, and they could open their igloos to other users who wanted to visit them under the “Member Igloos” tab. Users could also make their igloos larger and better by buying stuffs with virtual coins which they could earn by playing mini games. The virtual Club Penguin held one party for all users at least once per month. The party could accommodate all users; however, some rooms were restricted to paid users only. The best parties were held for various occasions such as Holidays or Halloween. Other parties were mainly themed ones where free clothes were provided, but paid users could buy better outfits.

Club Penguin has been replaced by Club Penguin Island, which is available on mobile devices. The concept is same as it predecessors, that is it is a massively- multiplayer online players’ game. The game was made public in March 2017, and was released worldwide. Club Penguin Island is like the original one and runs on a 3D game engine rather than Adobe Flash player. The game sets a tutorial quest once it starts, before players start the real one.

This new game was not nicely welcomed by the audience as many users are still questioning Disney’s decision to discontinue this game.