USC Game Innovation Lab has announced Walden, a game, an open-world narrative exploration title based on Henry David Thoreau’s classic literary work, Walden, will launch this summer on Windows PC and Mac. Featuring the voice of actor Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild) as Thoreau, the game is in development under the direction of game designer Tracy Fullerton and her team, with funding provided by the NEH, NEA and Sundance Institute.

Walden, a game loosely follows in the footsteps of the American philosopher, naturalist and author, commemorated by his 200th birthday this summer, as he tries to survive his first year in the idyllic woods of Massachusetts’ Walden Pond. Starting in the summer of 1845, players will have the opportunity to experience self-reliant living while surviving the shifting seasons of New England.

From building shelter and gathering food to meeting local characters and observing nature, Walden, a game lets players reflect on what’s important in life. There is no right or wrong way to play; rather, it is designed to inspire with unique choices and small beauties around every corner.

An early access alpha version of Walden, a game is available now on Windows PC and Mac for $18.45 via The USC Games team is also working to bring the title to consoles in the future. It is currently on exhibit at the Concord Museum near Walden Pond for visitors to enjoy.