In the finale of Yasuhiro Wada's trilogy of Birthdays the Beginning trailer videos, Mr. Wada discusses the theme "Celebrate!"

As you play through the story, you will notice a creature library that you slowly build on. This creature library can show a player's captured life-forms, its rarity, and some insight on what life-form you captured! Once you finish the story mode, players will notice that only half of the library is discovered. Expand your world and find ways to capture all life-forms in free mode!

Lastly, Mr. Wada discusses "Challenge Mode" where your goal is to birth a specific organism within an allotted time given and other certain limitations. Think of it as a time attack mode! Remember, there are multiple ways to successfully complete the Challenge Mode, so anything goes!

Birthdays the Beginning arrives for the PlayStation 4 (NA) and Steam on May 9, 2017! The PS4 version for EU regions releases on May 12, 2017!