Get ready for some awesome old school fashion FPS action filled with rockets, blood, brutal conflict, and intense, competitive gameplay. Today we’re excited to offer you a look at one of the Arenas from Quake Champions – the unholy Blood Covenant.

Based on one of the most beloved and played maps from Quake III Arena, The Camping Grounds (Q3DM6), Blood Covenant is a modern re-imagining of the legendary Arena. All the favorite sections remain, including the long Jump Pad to the Rocket Launcher, the Quad Damage spawn, the Railgun ledge, and the tightly spaced battles in the Pillars. However, new tricks and secrets await both veterans and new players alike, offering fresh ways to fight, move, and use Champions’ Active and Passive abilities.

Check out the trailer and see how the upcoming Quake is shaping up to be one of the most exciting FPS titles this year!